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It's amazing how much more energy I have when the dewpoint drops to a sensible level, even if the high temperature is still in the low 90s. Today, I hauled a couple of bags of books to the used bookstore and traded them in, picked up groceries on the way back, made some serious progress on estimating the volume of my possessions for shipment (it's looking about right for one 20-foot container), popped over to Office Max on the bus for printer paper, and went up to Trader Joe's for more groceries, and though I'm warm and tired after all that, I'm still cheerfully functional.

And the LJ PTB finally came through with a [livejournal.com profile] news update that's at least half a step in the right direction -- promising to disable FB/Twitter crossposting on locked entries some time the week after next. There's a lot of "too little, too late" sentiment in the replies over there, but at least it's a less unanimously horrified reaction than the 31st August post got.

The used bookstore also sells used beads, in the form of home-made jewelry. I've been using some of the trade credit from the surplus books to pick up a few necklaces and bracelets, when the beads look interesting and the price is right for considering them as raw materials rather than ready-to-wear pieces.

There's some kind of bat event going on up the street tomorrow, and there are little roadside placards advertising it, Burma-Shave style. "Blind as a bat?/That's NOT their fate/They see darn well/and they can echo-locate," and, "Visitors from out of town/Hanging huddled/upside down/Acro-bats!"

There is no fifth thing.
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Today I took my old, thoroughly retired Behemoth laptop back to the store from whence it came, and they gave me nearly $50 in trade-in for it. Which is ... about three per cent of what I paid for it in 2004, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. I feel at least ten pounds lighter with it gone -- it always was an unwieldy lump of a thing, even before it succumbed to WinXP-rot and slowed to a crawl.

Then I put the trade-in gift-card towards a basic e-reader -- a Sony Pocket Edition, which lacks a lot of the bells and whistles of more recent gadgets -- it doesn't have a touch screen or wireless or even an expansion slot, but it works fine for what I want. This way, while my dead trees are in transit I can read without being dependent on the Palm's not-so-great battery.
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I shifted all my work stuff over from old Butterfly (work-provided, 2006-vintage Dell Inspiron on the left) to the newer Dragonfly laptop last week, and tonight I'm decommissioning Behemoth, the monstrous lump of a 2004 Sony Vaio on the right, in preparation for taking it back to Best Buy for trade-in or recycling.

In the process of returning Behemoth to its factory state, I realized that the recovery tool actually has the ability to change the partition sizes. If I'd known that earlier it might have alleviated one of the huge annoyances of that machine -- the cramped 15Gb C:\ partition. But the whole hard drive is only 60Gb, so it wouldn't have helped that much.

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