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Okay, so the next WOT installment will be along in November. Followed at yearly intervals by parts two and three.

It's all for very good reasons, of course. It makes sense to me, but it boggles the mind how much time has gone by since I started reading that series.

That was back in the days of the 80486 processor, before Windows 3.1 or the JPEG standard, when cell phones were just beginning to shrink, when big PC hard drives were measured in the hundreds of megabytes. The Iron Curtain was just starting to shred; George H. W. Bush was in the White House; Solar Cycle 22 was close to maximum. (We're now waiting, and waiting, for Cycle 24 to get going.) Dallas was still on the air; Dynasty and Miami Vice were only just off it. Star Trek: The Next Generation was in full swing. The Dow rose through 2900. American cars, apparently, looked much like they do today.

(This post brought to you by Google, Wikipedia, and generic Benedryl.)

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