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I went shopping today, and came home with more or less what I was after: another half-Tb external drive to start a fresh backup set on the desktop, a new wireless router (because the old one has been getting less and less reliable at establishing communications with the desktop, and I was getting tired of having to prod it with the PDA nearly every time), an eight-seater surge-protector for the desktop and its ever-increasing peripherals, and a piece of paper entitling me to some chests of drawers for the living room, DVDs for the storage of, to be delivered on Thursday. (They're technically bedroom furniture, but they'll match the bookshelves and do the job nicely, and can probably swallow some of the yarnwork stuff as well.) They salesman in the furniture store, which I patronize every couple of years or so, remembered me by name and delivery preference on sight. I suppose the combination of British accent and wide-brimmed hat is fairly distinctive.

Also, a pair of pretty earrings -- dangly ones, which are hard to come by in clip format, with golden-brown beads swinging on coppery chains.

Everything is installed and working, and all the computers have been introduced to each other on the new network, which is just like the old network except that it's on the 168.1 instead of 168.0 subnet, for some reason. Butterfly and Behemoth (see icon) are running virus scans; Diamond the desktop is running a full backup, and Beetle the Eee is just sitting around looking cute.

No, I don't think I'm going to get any writing done tonight, either.

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