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Two more necklaces. The second one is semi-serious bling for a special occasion; a lot of the crystal came from an old-fashioned necklace with a broken clasp that my mother found in a thrift store. I had other plans for that raspberry candy jade, but I can always get more, and the color was perfect for what I wanted.

Necklace 59 Necklace 59
Painted wood, seeds, bone, fake turquoise.
Necklace 60 Necklace 60
Assorted crystal (some vintage, some new), faux pearls, candy jade.

Most of them are wearable, but the first two bracelets really weren't, unfortunately, after all the effort that went into them. (The wood/seed/elastic trio, though, I've been wearing a lot.) Of the necklaces, some have proved more useful than others. Necklace number three was never satisfactory, and is currently resting in pieces, awaiting reconfiguration. The other failure was 28, which just seems to be too heavy/swingy for the crimps to hold, though I love the colors and textures.
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