Feb. 17th, 2009 11:28 pm
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My color printer decided to celebrate its fourth birthday by having a mild hissy-fit this evening. The yellow and magenta inks were running low, and when I went to print something it decided the magenta was out, so I replaced that. Then I wanted to print some photos -- and the cyan, which wasn't remotely low, wasn't coming out. I did a nozzle clean, in the middle of which it sat down and insisted on a new tank of yellow -- and then it seemed to be okay.

Also, my eleven-year old TV set (dead basic 19" CRT, but quite adequate to my needs) is jist starting to flutter alarmingly when turned on, though it seems to settle after a while. I seem to remember that sort of behavior being an early sign of senescence in CRT monitors, back in the stone age. I'm on digital cable anyway, so the postponed digital switchover wasn't enough incentive to replace the thing.
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