Feb. 15th, 2011

ellarien: red beads (beading)

Necklace 67 Necklace 67
Bamboo agate and anonymous (recycled) stone on sterling silver wire.

I loved these ovals enough to give them the looped-silver treatment; each one is different, and the colors are more subtle than the photo makes them. The creamy stone of the smaller beads comes from one of the necklaces I got at the used book store in Tucson. (I wonder whether the couple of coral necklaces of mine that I gave them in trade have sold yet, and whether the buyer will wear them as-is or use them for raw materials.) The whole thing reminds me of the sun-bleached gray of palm bark, with all its intricate textures, and the fur of the little campus rabbits that almost vanished into the gravel around Old Main. Dry desert grays, not the wet greys of England.

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