Jan. 1st, 2009

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The weather -- with apologies to the rest of the country -- is beautiful here at the moment, with clear blue skies and temperatures rising to the 70s. Tomorrow I leave for a week in the northern half of England, where the temperatures will barely rise above freezing the whole time. I'm not sure I even have clothes for those conditions any more. One long but not particularly heavy wool-blend coat; a few moth-eaten lambswool turtlenecks and a variety of mainly cotton or acrylic sweaters and fleece tops; a few very old pairs of heavy tights; some moderately thick twill jeans suitable for Tucson winters or English summers; a pair of leather ankle boots slightly too large for me. I'm fairly sure there's a pair of gloves around here somewhere.

At least I used to live in places that had some kind of winter. A local colleague attending the same meeting is originally from Tenerife, where it's pretty much in the 70s all year round.
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662 shutter presses on the small Sony camera, 1275 on the big Canon. This surprises me a little, but the big one does tend to get used if I take it out, whereas the little one has become more a case of carrying it but not going out of my way to use it every day.

Also, there was the great slide-scanning project, still ongoing. (That's actually quite a lot of the reason why I've been rather quiet lately; it provokes a lot of thoughts, but mostly not of a nature I can share here.)

Here's a one-per-month sample of my flowers shots from the year:
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It's not a good idea to put a CD full of high-resolution photos in the DVD player. I managed to crash the thing hard enough to require a yank-out-the-plug power cycle, and the rendering isn't great on the TV screen anyway.

There doesn't appear to be any way to copy tracks from the iPod onto a computer different from the one they originated on.

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