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Jul. 21st, 2014 12:39 am
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What do you get when you cross ...
by ellarien on deviantART

I'll try and write a post with actual words some time this week, but this fractal-art thing is being way too much fun at the moment.
ellarien: Landscape near Edale (Photography)
This one I found all by myself. I'm very pleased with this family of parameters -- it feels like a real landscape that you can walk around in, albeit at the risk of crunching tiny skeletal critters underfoot. The sky is from my own photo of a Tucson evening.

Beach shelter -- after the storm
by ellarien on deviantART
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I just joined DeviantArt. Not that I really feel entitled to call myself an artist when the computer does most of the work, but lately I've been having a lot of fun generating fractal imagery, and I wanted somewhere to share it that's less grudgingly accepting of such things than Flickr.

Purple Mountains
by ellarien on deviantART
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Sharing from Flickr using what is by now practially stone-age technology -- right-click on the 500x500 image to get the image link, then code in the photo page link by hand.

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