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Jun. 7th, 2011 11:46 pm
ellarien: red beads (beading)
This afternoon I went back to the polymer clay. The general aim of the exercise was to make sets of beads that shaded gradually from one colour to another, by mixing graduated amounts of two colours; in the first set I stopped before the colours completely smeared together, and in the second I didn't. The process was a lot less precise than I imagined, and my plan of cutting everything into triangles was somewhat stymied by the nature of the clay (the red being particularly stubborn even after a quarter-hour of hand conditioning) and the fact that the red was a much stronger pigment than the yellow; there's actually twice as much yellow as red in the second set, and I considered making it three times, but that would have meant smooshing everything into a line and chopping and re-rolling yet again, and it was getting close to dinner time.

I'm not displeased with the end product, for a first serious attempt. (The zeroth attempt is visible in the background of the second picture.) Any irregularities are a natural feature of the process, as they say. But I need to find a better work surface than an old plastic chopping board, and probably a better baking surface than aluminium foil on an old cookie sheet.

Red/Blue Red/Blue
Hand-made beads in graduated amounts of partly blended red and blue polymer clay.
Red/Orange/Yellow Red/Orange/Yellow
Handmade beads in graduated proportions of blended red and yellow polymer clay.

ellarien: red beads (beading)

Necklace 69 Necklace 69
Multicoloured glass on wire.
Necklace 70 Necklace 70
Glass and turquoise-dyed stone on wire.

Number 68 (a long-running project of multi-colored stones on sterling silver wire) is in the camera somewhere, I think.
ellarien: red beads (beading)

Necklace 67 Necklace 67
Bamboo agate and anonymous (recycled) stone on sterling silver wire.

I loved these ovals enough to give them the looped-silver treatment; each one is different, and the colors are more subtle than the photo makes them. The creamy stone of the smaller beads comes from one of the necklaces I got at the used book store in Tucson. (I wonder whether the couple of coral necklaces of mine that I gave them in trade have sold yet, and whether the buyer will wear them as-is or use them for raw materials.) The whole thing reminds me of the sun-bleached gray of palm bark, with all its intricate textures, and the fur of the little campus rabbits that almost vanished into the gravel around Old Main. Dry desert grays, not the wet greys of England.
ellarien: red beads (beading)
I've been having trouble with the crossposter formatting things lately, so rather than crosspost this image- and table-heavy post, I'm just putting in the link.

Necklace 61

Sep. 2nd, 2010 10:03 pm
ellarien: red beads (beading)

Purple and pink glass flowers, purple spacers/giant seed beads.
ellarien: red beads (beading)
Two more necklaces. The second one is semi-serious bling for a special occasion; a lot of the crystal came from an old-fashioned necklace with a broken clasp that my mother found in a thrift store. I had other plans for that raspberry candy jade, but I can always get more, and the color was perfect for what I wanted.
Two small pictures )

Also, a few notes on the fates of earlier pieces. )
ellarien: red beads (beading)
Now that I'm not spending quite every evening working into the small hours, have a couple of necklaces.

Two small pictures )
ellarien: red beads (beading)

Necklace 53 Necklace 53
Glass and two kinds of banded agate.

ellarien: Blue/purple pansy (Default)
We've had about a third of an inch of rain today, and none of it came through my bedroom ceiling. I just hope my end-on neighbor can say the same.

On closer inspection, that necklace turns out to include a moss-agate bead that wasn't supposed to be there. Call it an oasis in the desert.
ellarien: red beads (beading)
I was going for a slightly less formal style than usual with this one. (Also a certain amount of using up leftovers.) In a slight variation on my usual approach, the second and third strands were first threaded through the spacers under the pendant bail and then loaded working outwards to the ends. This resulted in a few accidents, and part of it got done on the floor, but it all ended happily.

Necklace 52 Necklace 52
Desert and assorted other jaspers, plus oddments of other stones and a few bits of glass, metal, and crystal.

ellarien: red beads (beading)
I've been lazy about getting the photos off the computer and onto the internet lately, but I haven't stopped beading.

Three small photos. )
ellarien: red beads (beading)

Necklace 47 Necklace 47
Labradorite, glass, moss agate, shell.

This is another of the AGU pendants, and I wore it for my presentation at the AMS. It's more blue-green in person.

45 & 46

Jan. 12th, 2010 08:58 pm
ellarien: red beads (beading)

Necklace 45 Necklace 45
Black/white/gray jaspers, silver plated metal, hematite.
Necklace 46 Necklace 46
Coral and glass spacers.

ellarien: red beads (beading)
I finished the tiger-eye necklace a few days ago; the big pendant is one of my purchases from the vendors at the San Francisco meeting.

Necklace 41 Necklace 41
Tiger eye and glass.
Last night I made three. The first two -- one using another San Francisco purchase -- are designed to be worn together; the third happened because I cut the wire too short the first time around and didn't want to waste it. Two more small pictures. )
ellarien: red beads (beading)
I love tiger eye, but it's hard to photograph under artificial light.

In other news, the office and campus are still quiet, and the solar cycle is still longer than it used to be.
ellarien: red beads (beading)

Necklace 40 Necklace 40
Painted glass.

ellarien: red beads (beading)

Necklace 39 Necklace 39
Swarovski crystal and glass spacers.

ellarien: red beads (beading)

Necklace 38 Necklace 38
Silver plate, tourmaline-colored Czech fire-polished glass, sterling silver wire.

These are the beads for which, a couple of weeks ago, I made a special trip back to the store the day after initially deciding against them, when I discovered I couldn't get that color or size on line.
ellarien: red beads (beading)

Necklace 37 Necklace 37
Mostly silver-plated rings, a couple of gold-plated ones.

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