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Just read:

Protector, by C.J. Cherryh, the second volume of the fifth Foreigner trilogy. Which I devoured in two days when I really should have been doing other things, but was left oddly unsatisfied by. We do get a bit of offstage station politics retconned in along with the Atevi politics (and onstage ship-humans in power armour!) and Cajeiri continues to be engaging.

Arms-Commander, by L. J. Modessit, which is the latest so far (2010) in the Recluce series, going back to the Angels of Westwind and their attempts to deal with the local politics after being stranded in Candor by a wrecked spaceship. Less onomatopoeia than in earlier volumes, and a female protagonist for a change, but way too many ellipses. According to the author's website there will be at least one more Recluce novel at some stage. It must be getting hard to fit them into the existing history, by now.

Reading now: Spellwright, by Blake Charlton. Unusual magic system, enjoyable so far. I might have guessed that the author wrote it as a medical student from the anatomical references.
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