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What I'm currently reading:

The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss -- started yesterday. The first page is dire (as I commented on G+, I suppose a book as long and eagerly awaited as this can get away with starting with the badly-written boredom of a secondary character), but it gets better quickly. That's my big fat bedside book; for portable reading I just started Danse de la Folie by Sherwood Smith, which is a fun Heyer-esque Regency and was on e-book special today. I'm already nearly a third of the way through, and vastly diverted.

Just finished: In the Lion's Mouth by Michael Flynn, sequel to Up Jim River, which itself was a sequel to The January Dancer, but I hesitate to call them a series, somehow -- the tone doesn't quite match from one to the next, and while the first was very much in usual Flynn mode of dysfunctional people being Doomed, the sequel was less so. This one was back to the doom, though, and ended in a severely cliffhung fashion.

What I'll read next: considering the size of the Rothfuss, maybe A Memory of Light will be here before I finish it?
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